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The study class of operating and directing websites

October 18, 2009

Hello, Yesterday was great!

I attended a class that thought how to connect the operating and directing websites. This class’s hosts are Mr.Garyu, Ms.Mutsuking, and Mr.Yaibu. They are friendly individuals.
There were 17 people participanting this time. They are the website designer, the programmer, the website director, and the website operator. That’s more attendees than usual.

the study class

We began by introducing ourselves to each other. We discussed each participant’s presentation.


masanori hashimoto

I announced Nulab’s second web service that is an online diagramming and design tool, and we discussed that. They told me “It’s good!”. Mr.Garyu and Ms.Mutsuking presented some examples of where it is using. I am interested in because they are an improvement to our web service. (Nulab is my company.)

Thank you, Mr.Garyu, Ms.Mutsuking and everybody else.

the study class

We drank beers after the presentations. They are good friends of mine.


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