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nulab Releases Cacoo, a Drawing Tool!!

November 11, 2009

We launched real-time collaboration tool for drawing diagrams called Cacoo.


Simply Create Beautiful Designs, Online

The growing popularity of applications like Google Docs and Google Wave have helped to accelerate the spread of online shared working environments; it’s now common for people to create, share and publish documents online.

At the same time, the creation of technical illustrations, including wireframes and software design diagrams, has required the installation of dedicated software on local computers.

You would then be forced to upload your work, and only the creator could edit his or her work, making for a very inefficient environment.

With Cacoo, however, we take advantage of the benefits of an online working environment and eliminate all of the stresses indicated above. You can create beautiful diagrams simply with a browser, quickly inserting them into online documents and allowing multiple people to work on them at once.

Since everything is synchronized in real-time, time lags barely occur. When combined with a chat feature, you can have the collaborative sensation that you are working in the same room.

Furthermore, any edited changes appear instantly, so that the most recent version of the diagram is always displayed.

Use Cacoo to Easily Update Diagrams on Blogs and Wiki Sites!

The diagrams you create can easily be pasted into a variety of web applications, including wiki sites, blogs and more. And when you edit a diagram in Cacoo, it is automatically updated in the wiki or blog where you pasted it as well, eliminating the need to upload it again.

Using Cacoo

Register for an account with Cacoo at by clicking on the Sign Up link, and then you can start using it.

from Press Release.

I’ll go to WordCamp New York City 2009!

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