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WordCamp Fukuoka 2010 finished!

March 4, 2010

It’s been a long time.

A week ago Saturday, WordCamp Fukuoka 2010 was held by us! That was really fun!
Thank you for speakers, staffs and all attendees. I think WordPress community is great.

We started planning since the end of last year. I think WordCamp Fukuoka 2010 was started from some fateful encounters. I met and spoke about WordCamp Fukuoka with Naoko at WordCamp NYC and spoke with Takayuki in Fukuoka. And I fatally met Ned in New York. And WordPress community of Japan met Fukuoka designers community!
“Open” and “Design” were decided to the concept of this WordCamp. It was newness for WordCamp of Japan maybe. Please look at animation on the page of the program!

“WordPress for the world from Japan” was spoken by Ned. He is kindly guy. I felt he loves WordPress and he loves Japan. And he said to us, “We give help for the people in the poor country”. It is possible by WordPress and WordPress community. He is liked by the WordPress fan of Tokyo and Fukuoka.

“Power and charm of WordPress” was spoken by Naoko. She is magnetic lady. She spoke about WordPress 3.0.

“An introduction to making of WordPress theme for designer” was spoken by YUKI. She is cute woman. Speaking in a big event was the first time for her. But she gripped the interest of attendees. I’m glad she took the rostrum!

“Hello WordPress! Hello World! From Fukuoka to the world” was spoken by Takayuki. He is cool and passionate guy. Contact Form 7 is made by him. He spoke coming the use of it in the world. I was impressed by his story. I think he is loved by people of WordPress community of Japan.

Noel and Nobuhiko were spoke about design. Those sessions were concepts of WordCamp Fukuoka 2010, and everyone showed interest.

We also held the after party! Thank you for Murajun and Daichang. I felt passion, I felt happy, and I felt love! Peace!

Woops! I had forgotten to publish a wonderful photo. I think this photo is beautiful. :-)


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