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Rokunana x WordPress

March 10, 2010

After a day of WordCamp Fukuoka 2010, I moved to Tokyo with Ned, Noël and Naoko for the next event that was named “Rokunana x WordPress”. Rokunana is company that produces websites and multimedia contents and designs. And sometimes workshop is held by them.

Noël spoke “Design Iteration”. He said…

  • Iterative design is an approach that allows improvement through successive revision.
  • It allows us to adapt and change for the better.

I sympathized with that content because my company’s culture and that content are similar. My company’s culture is “Agile Software Development”!
I also think, “Projects are a lot like any creature”.

Ned spoke “Data Portability With WordPress”. He tried a new strategy in his speaking. The attendees became to his fan! What he did? I can’t tell you how excited. :-)

Naoko spoke “Hint for WordPress use and participation” and “How does WordPress 3.0 change?”. She introduced “2010 Open Source Design Plans“. I think designer is necessary for open source projects. For example, products, download site and event site etc.

I feel gratitude for the wonderful people and a wonderful week.

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