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Inspection tour of the United States 3

August 24, 2010

The third day, I went to San Francisco to visit with Mr. Kuranuki, which is the company that my friend introduced for this inspection tour.

We moved to San Francisco getting on Caltrain and a bus. Because we arrived about 2 hours earlier, we entered the bar. In Japan, a bar has been opening since daytime and it doesn’t exist so much. Is it because it is a period of the World Cup?

After 2 hours, we visited , which provides a Crowdsourcing System. I met CTO, marketers, programmers and supporters there. I wanted to make my company atmosphere like this office. I heard about this company’s business and how for them to work, it was interesting.

The day did not finish only by it. We returned to Palo Alto, and joined a meetup.

That meetup is called SVNewTech Meetup. I looked forward to the meetup because I heard SVNewTech Meetup is popular from a local Japanese. Four startups were making a speech in SVNewTech Meetup. What they said was able to be understood only a little though the atmosphere was fun.

American meetup and Japanese meetup are surely different, which American actively talks. I think Japanese is shy. But I was shy then, because I could not speak English well.

I think that I should come to be understood English.

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