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The largest ever WordCamp in Japan

February 21, 2011

On the Feb 19th, WordCamp Fukuoka 2011 was held at Kyushu Sangyo University. There were about 400 participants and I guess it was the largest WordCamp in Japan.

We decided the concept of  WordCamp should be “Publish” because WordPress is a web publishing tool. It’s a pretty simple and cool concept, don’t you think? We invited speakers who can talk about publishing e-books, podcasts, comics and other aspects of “Publishing” to the camp. They talked about their experiences related to WordPress and Publishing. The audience was able to learn from the speakers and came up some new ideas about how they can use WordPress for their own publishing.

WordCamp Fukuoka 2011 was made up of 4 parts. The 1st part was an unconference, the 2nd part was a keynote, the 3rd part was some presentations (20 speakers for 3 tracks and 1 workshop), and the last part was an informal get-together.


The unconference was good. In the morning, at some places of the university, everyone talked their themes and about each other. And of course, me too.

I had joined a team who talks about “Collaboration between regional seminar”. It was an interesting and fun theme! So other themes were “How to make theme of WordPress?”, “What is the future of blogging?” and etc.


The keynote presentation was done by Naoko McCracken with her smile. She is a happiness engineer of Automattic.

She talked about the popularity of WordPress and And she said: “WordPress 3.1 is coming soon”. At the end of the keynote, a Japanese mascot character for WordPress was introduced. What a really cute character! Soon, the name of character will be determined by the WordPress Community in Japan.

How to become an editor/writer by a digital publishing!

Yusuke Nakamura talked about “How to become an editor/writer by a digital publishing”, I felt it was interesting theme and talks!

He said: “The book can be published by editors and writers. Publishers are unprofitable, it seems like their patrons. And writers are going to go independently.” I think we can publish more easily than before, so we can become a writer/editor on the internet. Yes we can! :-) I felt that his actions for e-book publishing resembles an open source model.

Since I was one of the operating staff I could not hear all of the presentations.


We eat the WordCamp Fukuoka 2011 Cake and drank a lot of beer together!

WordCamp Fukuoka 2011 was fun and huge success I think. We will plan next year’s WordCamp at once.

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