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Energy Informatic 4th “GOLD RUSH”

May 4, 2011

On April 22nd, 2011, we held a club party which called “Energy Informatic 4th” at Gold in Fukuoka. We got into a groove that was made by DJs, VJs, and live actors.

I made ​​a live performance with Nippei about 30 minutes, I played a sampler and he played a guitar. I think it was huge success.

And our live performance had VJs that named “PicoPicoHammer”. Their name is cute and funny but they have good VJ techniques. So there were many collaborations in the live.

This live performance was started with too heavily effected Breakbeats. The main sound was Nippei’s guitar. The following tune was a Dabstep that I tried for the first time.

Next, I played funny Drum ‘n’ Basses which was sampling comedian’s voice. We made grooves!

I want to play a live performance in the next Energy Informatic again.

Last tune was a normal techno music, I think it sounds good! Mixed with the sound of Nippei’s guitar beautifully.

Other VJs made great experiences. VJ Yaivj was using a iPad and VJ Seisuke was using Kinect, they were very interesting! If you want to get the experiences, please join us.

And Tabaturbo tried a VJ first time here.

And other some DJs span good musics!

Main DJ was Nomata, he played for one hour.

Energy Informatics concept is “Party”, I had felt “Party” from the party. And I felt the party was a last of party of Energy Informatic, before holding this party. But, now, we want to be continue the party by Energy Informatic Crew and you!

(Photo: shigeoka)

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  1. May 20, 2012 6:18 pm

    I fail to see how this saves us any money. PGSD will just raise our property taxes more to cover this add’l expense.

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