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Myojo Waraku 2012: First Day Of Tech And Creative Festival In Fukuoka Japan

September 15, 2012

Myojo Waraku 2012’s logo mark is designed by Yasuhiro Yamada.

Exciting! Myojo Waraku 2012, got more than 3,000 attendees, was finished with huge success. This festival was held at gate’s building in Fukuoka Japan, the Sep. 8-9, for techies and creators who lives in asia. I am the one of the attendees as an organizer of this festival. So I feel that it is growing to the one of the largest festival in Fukuoka. A year ago, did not attend in this festival that only 1,250 people, but now, the number is more than doubled. In addition, I guess that the next Myojo Waraku, might be getting attendees more than this time.

How did we create the concept of Myojo Waraku?


YU-KI NISHIMOTO is the opening act who is a lively ink painting artist. He wrote the title of “Myojo Waraku 2012” on a big paper.

Inspired by the concept of SxSW (South by Southwest), the idea of ​​this festival was created. However, the organizers, the operators and other central figure, nobody have not been to SxSW. So we created the image of this festival, in our minds, from Youtube, flickr, and other digital contents on the internet. As a result, I think it is different from SxSW, is becoming an unique festival.

The attendees said: this festival was a really chaos


Local idol group, called “Qun Qun”.

I think that there are two important things in this festival. The first is “chaos” and the second is “collaboration”. The chaos, it will generate new ideas, new needs, new relationships and something new things. The collaboration, it will grow up them.


There are two workshops in this pic, about programming and nail art.

The chaos was made from four sections: a main stage, a sub stage, and two workshops place. When an idol group was singing and dancing, nail art and programming workshops had been done. Then, at the same time, the DJs spun musics at sub stage! The scene was very funny and interesting. This strategy of Myojo Waraku would have encouraged your serendipity through the chaos. I hope that.

Serendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.

Serendipity – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fukuoka City, will be changed to a Startup-City


Mayor of Fukuoka city, talked about the possibility of creativity of Fukuoka city.

The mayer of Fukuoka city has announced a new policy in a session of this festival with Taizo Son, Osamu Ogasahara, and Tony Hughes(Tech City, UK). It is called “Startup-city Declaration”, they hope to change to a startup-city, like Silicon Valley, Fukuoka City. Taizo Son runs his company which is a seed accelerator, like Y-Combinator in Silicon Valley. He has strong support growth of startups in Japan. So, he is also the supervisor of Myojo Waraku.

There’s an old African proverb that says if you want to go quickly go alone, if you want to go far go together. We have to go far, quickly.

Al Gore


Soichiro Takashima(Mayer of Fukuoka city), Taizo Son, Osamu Ogasahara, Tony Hughes(Tech City, UK)

I think that the government of Fukuoka prefecture is thinking the same thing as the  government of Fukuoka City. However, I guess that the governments cannot organize a cooperative system yet. In my opinion, they needs to build the coalition between them by those key players. I really want to be made the startup-city with them. We have to build a super team!

Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The greatest music party called “Myojo.”


Taku Takahashi played musics in Myojo.

We know that music is our common language, and the music party called “Myojo.” is the one of the most important contents in Myojo Waraku’s contents. The planners of the music party, took a lot of time for the preparing. This party lasted until 5:00 am the next day.

However, I already forgot what happened there, I had got drunk very much.

The next day…


Morning at Nakasu in Fukuoka Japan, from gate’s building.

I thought that I may be publish this blogging in today, but the Myojo Waraku bigger than I thought. So, I have just one good idea…this Myojo Waraku blogging is split up to two entries.

To be continued.

(Photo by Shigeoka)


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