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Myojo Waraku 2012: Second Day Of Tech And Creative Festival In Fukuoka Japan

March 13, 2013

Last shot of Myojo Waraku 2012

Did you read about first day of Myojo Waraku 2012? If you do not read that, please read before this blog. I heard that I was quite drunk on the night of the first day. It was but night for me, I am sorry to all.

Tech-Startups pitched in Myojo Waraku


Kodekake got AWS award

Startup-Dating, that is the one of the famous media about tech news in Japan. They are powerful and special sponsor of Myojo Waraku as a media. So they held a pitch contest for tech-startups in second day of Myojo Waraku, called “Startup Showcase”. The government of Fukuoka prefecture also supported it.

I’m thinking that, now, Japanese technology products should go to the world market, together with the other Asian. So we want to get pleasure from those products.


Conyac got Tech City award

In addition, we have met Tony Hughes who comes from Tech City, UK. I really want him to become a bridge between London and Fukuoka city on the tech-startups. You can know his profile with his account on the Linked in.

We hove to grow young entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs Talks: Shinya Ogawa, Shinichi Fujikawa, Hideto Ishibashi, Osamu Ogasahara, and me.

Four entrepreneurs, told each other the idea of ​​entrepreneurship. I joined the panel discussion as a moderator. Shinya Kobayashi, CEO of Skyarc System, said “At the same time, the DJs had spun anime tunes., it is important to stick to the thought”. I am thinking, too. In my opinion, entrepreneur’s thought will grow up your company’s products and services. Of course, it is also important that the product developers and users thought.


At the same time, the DJs had spun anime tunes at the sub stage.

I think that entrepreneurs is creating one’s company, designing a social through one’s company. So I think that It means entrepreneurs are creators. If you have deeply thought about a social, please try to become an entrepreneur. It makes that you can see the new visions.  Try to think big.

Miku Hatsune is making a new culture of Japane


Girls wore a costume of Hatsune Miku and other anime characters.

I am thinking that Miku Hatsune is making a new culture of Japan. Her personality and actions are made in the virtual world by a people who is creative. Consumer Generated Media, in my opinion, it has really opened up a new world with her. So, the internet has generated a creative place for who wants to make a something new. It is a really cool phenomenon.

Myojo Waraku also has been featuring up Miku Hatsune. Hiroyuki Ito, his company created her. So he talked about “Creative” in Myojo Waraku 2012.

The Pajama Collection was held in the Myojo Waraku 2012


Pajama Collection in Myojo Waraku 2012.

There were cute pajamas which has been worn girls. In addition, girls are university students in Tokyo and Fukuoka, still amateur models.

The Myojo Waraku 2012 is finished

The Myojo Waraku is finished in huge success. We will try to create better places, better networkings, and better smiles for creatives.

I think that “Creatives” and “Technologies” are going to be important in our life, more than now, in the future.


Finished the Myojo Waraku 2012. I think it has huge success.

Thanks a lot for the staffs.

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